Haradinaj is aiming for the south of Serbia: We will take care of "East Kosovo"

Ramush Haradinaj spoke with a group of Albanians from the south of Serbia, among whom was Sefzet Musliju who has a warrant on his name for terrorism

Ramush Haradinaj is meddling with the internal questions of Serbia again. This time, as a so-called prime minister of Kosovo, he met the group of Albanian representatives from the south of Kosovo. As stated, he promised "to solve questions of citizenship for the residents of Presevo valley". What is especially worrying is that Sefcet Musliju was in that group and he has a warrant on his name for terrorism.

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One of them, who was in the meeting, Ramiz Naim, through his Facebook account, said that Haradinaj promised to regulate the issue of citizenship for the citizens of the Presevo Valley, as Albanians call that part of Serbia.

- Prime Minister Haradinaj promised today that the issue of citizenship for East Kosovo will be solved and that this obligation is not a matter of months, or days, but hours. With this man, this is becoming a state where deeds replace words- wrote Ramizi, reports Lajmi.net.

However, it is not clear how will this be done, because Ramizi did not specify more details, and the Prime Minister's office didn't publish any press release.

The meeting was also attended by former Liberation Army of Presevo, Medvedja and Bujanovac commander Sefzet Musli, who was very close to Ramush Haradinaj during the conflict in Kosmet.

In the summer of 1999, he formed the military core, which began terrorist actions against Serbian security forces in the south of Serbia. The terrorist organization, of which was the commander-in-chief, has rapidly grown to several thousand members. They set up traps, mined the roads, threw bombs at Serbian houses and police checkpoints.

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It was precisely Musliju who signed in 2001 the agreement on demilitarization of the army in 2001 with the representative of NATO. After that, he went to Gjilan, where he lives with his wife and four children. He was arrested in 2003 and sentenced to 12 years in prison for three abductions and attempted coercion. His sentence was reduced and after nine years, he was released in 2011.

A warrant has been issued for Musliju for terrorism in Serbia, However, he was trialed in absentia for crimes and killing of 80 civilians from June to December 1999, committed by "Gjilan group" on Kosovo. The High Court for War Crimes, along with ten other indictees, convicted him in 2012 for abusing and raping of two women. Musliju was Sentenced to five years in prison.

Zoran Stankovic, president of the Coordination Body for Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedja, says that he can not comment on the activities of a man who was sentenced for war crimes and was blacklisted for his terrorist crimes.

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- And I do not understand the international community which tolerates it - said Stankovic.


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