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Vucic about Praljak's suicide and he has a message for the European Union

I have something to tell people in the EU about different measures and statements to Serbia and Croatia regarding the latest verdicts - said Vucic

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President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said today that he wouldn't mock the act of the Hague prisoner Slobodan Praljak, who committed suicide yesterday in the courtroom, so those are double standards of EU.

Who is Slobodan Praljak who killed himself with poison in The Hague Tribunal? He graduated from three faculties and he earned millions, and then he went to war (VIDEO)

- I wouldn't mock the act in any way, nor would I call it cowardice, but I would have something to say to the people of European Union regarding their various standards and words said about Serbia and Croatia on last verdicts - said Vucic to the press.

He said that he will speak about that at the meeting today with the representatives of 27 or 28 countries of EU.

- I will try to point out what the Serbia is exposed to, and how they can turn a blind eye when someone else is at the question - mentioned Vucic.

Printskrin: Tanjug

Reflecting the reactions from the region to the last verdict to the leaders of Herzeg-Bosna, Vucic said that many don't look at it the same way, through the same vision, the way we observed things.

- The state leadership of Serbia has put the accent on the future, not fleeing from the past and difficult issues, not escaping from showing respect for the victims, on the contrary. These were our key sentences. But after the reaction in other parts of our region you see that no one has even mentioned the future- said Vucic.

He expressed regret that, as he said, some also dealt with Serbia and Serbs yesterday.

- We hope that people will understand that we have to live together and look to the future, and whether we will be able to do that and succeed is another matter- said Vucic.


Vucic said that he didn't understand the statement of Croatian prime minister Andrej Plenkovic regarding the verdict for the joint criminal act with the aim to create so-called Herceg Bosnia. 

When Plenkovic was asked about "Hybrid wars", he spoke about Serbia, Vucic said.

- I didn't understand what the answer was supposed to mean - said the Serbian president.

Printskrin: Tanjug

He noted that there is a pathological obsession of certain part of the Croatian public by Serbia and the Serbian people.

- I am happy because we can look into our own yard, for being able to make not just rational decisions, but also responsible decisions - said Vucic.

He is not happy with different standards when it comes to crimes over Serbs and over members of other countries.


We are always ready for dialogue with the Croatian officials but for a partner-like dialogue, not the one where someone will humiliate us, said the Serbian President.

You won't watch that movie as long as I am the president of Serbia. 

Vucic said that he noticed that it is easiest to blame the Serbs, and its the same when there are talks about Croatia, Bosnia...

And he asks:

- How did you find Serbs in the entire story, we had 30.000 casualties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and no one, not even one man answered, no one thought about asking that question.

- Everybody was sentenced for something, but no one was sentenced for crimes over Serbs - said Vucic.

- No more slapping of Serbia in the face - said the president of Serbia.

- You won't open chapters, you don't have to, but you can't stop our progress, and you can't humiliate us. It was enough, look in the mirror and then say something about us - said the president of Serbia.

Printskrin: Tanjug

We, as he said, respect our and other victims, but we don't look only at our selves, we are looking into the future.

Answering the questions of Croatian reporters about the possible meeting with the Croatian president, Vucic said that he is always prepared for the conversation like that, of course about the missing Croats, but now to ask: What about the missing Serbs? 

He noticed that you just can't say that there were more Serbs missing in Croatia than there were Croats.

- No one dares to say that. Because, they are Croatian citizens, Krajina, they didn't kill themselves, they were closed in camps and executed - said Vucic.

And of course, we will help Croats to research places where their people have disappeared, but we expect the same for missing Serbs.

- Croats journalists rushed over me at inauguration, they say what about the missing persons, but I say, the Croats are not the only ones that went missing... They've accused me in every media that I am speaking lies until they saw that it is true, and I repeat that there are more missing Serbs than missing Croats - said the president of Serbia.


The president of Serbia marked that it is terrible to find an excuse that the two female journalists of TV Pink suffered only minor injuries.

He said that what was going on and what the journalists Gordana Uzelac and Mara Dragovic had to go through was terrible.

- That kind of campaign, where the criminals and bastards are allowed to knockout girls is an invitation to continue doing so. Should they break their jaws so they can brag with more serious injuries - criticised Vucic.

He said that the bastards didn't break the jaw of the reporters, they "just" knocked her out.

- Take a look how strong that girl is for those criminals. Those fascists are now looking for excuses in testimonies that those are just minor injuries. They knocked out a girl - reminded the president.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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