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The epilogue of the case that left Serbia speechless: It was revealed who really killed a baby found at the landfill in Vrbas

The lawyer representing the suspect, Ivan Gvozdenac, confirmed that the proceedings were suspended

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The prosecution in Vrbas rejected a criminal report after an expert report that showed the child was born dead, while the doctor's expertise showed that the suspect was temporarily insensible because of the post-birth psychosis she experienced.

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According to the source, the suspicion that she has killed her child in childbirth was flamed up by the findings of the preliminary autopsy, which suggested that the baby abdomen is narrower than the chest, which allegedly indicated that the child was breathing after the birth, and it was alive as such.

- The complete autopsy, which results arrived two weeks ago, has proven that the bronchi of the baby weren't spread so the baby was born dead - the source of Blic said that.

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- Unfortunately, it turned out that the suspect should prove their innocence once again, instead of prosecution proving their guilt, and that there is no presumption of innocence - said Gvozdenac.

The investigation itself, which was described by very thorough, discovered many details on this case since the child was thrown into a trash container by the mother in law of the suspect, and she did it after Svetlana went to the hospital after birth. It was proven that the family of the suspect didn't know that she was pregnant.


After the childbirth that happened in the house, the unfortunate woman wrapped the child in a wardrobe which was in that room. Only after few days, the mother in law threw the blanket into contained, which ended up at a landfill. Two workers found it there, and one of them has to seek medical help due to shock.


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