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Who is a man from Zagreb who sent a crew in black to create chaos in Belgrade derby? There is a word on the street about a meeting in an elite hotel (December 7th), two players are the reason for what happened

Are the riots on the 156th derby announcing the return of some people who tailored the fate of Partizan not so long ago? This time working with Croats?

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It was known for some time that the fractions of fans are not fighting for the dominance on south stands for the best position to cheer but for the best position to make decisions and for profit. That was confirmed by latest information that the riots on 156th derby didn't break out because they tried to take over the stands, but for what is much more profitable. The word on the street, which should be taken literally, is that everything was well planned and prepared in a famous hotel on December 7th in New Belgrade. 

Europe is talking about the bloody riot at the derby: Pictures from Belgrade traveled from England to Russia! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Few Croats gathered there in a secret meeting with certain Partizan fans. Croats, who will be the main people who started the riot, because of which they were arrested, were allegedly led by I. Dj. He is well known to the Croatian police and he was sentenced for several criminal acts so far.

Their aim was taking over of the trade of two Partizan players and that is why there was violence. Which two players, we don't know. 

The fact is that the FC Partizan tried to clear its connections with the black transfer connections which were often present in Humska and that it is very difficult to do that because managerial hyenas are dangerously lurking around the largest clubs in these areas. 

Because of what happened, there are stories going through the sports corridors about the return to the JNA stadium which had a large impact on selling of the black and white players. The difference is, they are now working with Croatian "businessmen". 

Foto: Profimedia

The team of hooligans, who tried to perform their intentions in the 15th minute of the derby, are now looking at 12 years in prison. Their identity was discovered a day after the game and is expected that they will say a lot under the hearing which is covered by darkness for now, like reasons for attacking the leading fraction of Partizan fans.

Those are Ivan Miskovic, Stjepan Muhovilovic, Hrvoje Bakovic, Jakov Podrug, Damir Tovarovic, and Ante Firic whos ID ended up in the hands of the south fans, which they published on Facebook.

Among them was one of the famous MMA fighters from Croatia, Damir Tovaric. He is a professional fighter, and he now tried his luck in hooligan fights, he didn't perform very well.

It is interesting that one of the hooligans, who was injured the most, escaped Military Medical Academy.

Bloody photos from the derby circled the globe and it will be remembered as one of the largest and most brutal conflicts of the fans at the South in the history of the stands. Croats who came with clear intentions ended up beaten, with bloody heads, swollen with fists, fried with torches and naked! Some of them were thrown out at the athletic track without their underwear! 

Foto: ATA Images

Information that foreign citizens participated in the riots in the south stands during the 156th derby was confirmed from Partizan.

- Those were the citizens of Republic of Croatia who were never on Partizan stadium. They were rented, kickboxing club from Split, who came with black and white marking and they first started hitting everybody around them. Its unknown who hired them - said the reporter of Partizan TV, Zeljko Pantic.

The fans of Black and White responded as well.

- South was attacked during the derby (not just Alkatraz but also other groups) by domestic traitors and Croatian mercenaries. The stories that the South was attacked because of the Young boys and Vandal boys flags being burned are not true, the flags stood like all others and they weren't set on fire - written in the statement.

Foto: Telegraf

- That story that they set them on fire is a lie and they served as a cover for the attack and further criminal and political games. These are Croats who were paid to come and to attack the South and Grobari - written in the statement.

After these statements, there was another one from Ministry of foreign affairs of Croatia, which admitted that four of their citizens rioted on the game in Humska.

None of these persons sought consular assistance from the Croatian Embassy in Belgrade.


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