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Bobi is the highest paid Serbian basketball player in the NBA: One minute on the court costs 28.000 dollars!

Marjanovic played just 3 minutes in Detroit win and he scored 6 points

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Boban Marjanovic has fulfilled his lifelong dream of playing in NBA league, however, that part of the dream applies only to the financial side. Bobi can't boast with some time spent on the court in Detroit. He has three seasons long contract with them worth 21 million dollars.

Furious Jokic pushed a Utah player and he fell down. The referees sent him out of the game immediately (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

That is not a contract of some value (it is expected that Jokic will sign a contract worth 60-70 million dollars), but significantly higher than the one in Europe. However, you don't go to NBA just for the money, you are going for some career. On the other side, Not playing affects the level of the player's game, which could be seen on Eurobasket, where Bobi didn't dominate so much, like when he was the first center of Euroleague two years ago in Red Star.

But, no matter because Boban is certainly the highest paid Serbian Player in NBA regarding the amount he is spending on the court. One minute of his time costs 28.000 dollars. IF we counted seconds, he would get 466 dollars every second.

In the last match against Indiana, he played three minutes (which means that he charged 84.000 dollars for that), and he scored 6 points. A few days ago, he spent a record 0.4 seconds and he earned around 26.000 dollars for that.

Boban has minimum time spent on the court, 7.6 minutes, which enables him to be the highest paid player. He is definitely the highest paid Serbian player if we look at that parameter. Because he is getting a lot of money and he is not playing much. 

Bogdan Bogdanovic gets 11.454 dollars per minute because he is playing 25 minutes, but also a bigger contract.

Foto: Tanjug/AP

Also, Jokic can't compete because he is making 1.400.000 dollars per season, and he is playing 30.3 minutes on average so it is understandable that he is making a lot less. Actually only 730 dollars per minute on the court. 

Nemanja Bjelica has a contract on 3.9 million dollars and he is playing 15.5 minutes, so he is making 8.263 dollars per minute, and Milos Teodosic 7.547 dollars per minute. 

Foto: Guliver/Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

 There were around 30 more players in NBA but we are sure that no one made more than Bobi.


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