He got out of the police station and he KIDNAPPED a girl, the entire city was alarmed: Movie like chase in Mostar

Aldin Steko on the run, he pushed the girl violently in the car and disappeared in unknown direction

A chase worthy of the best crime series took place last night on Mostar streets - the police are searching for a young man who kidnapped a girl upon leaving the police station.

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The police are searching for 27-year-old Aldin Steko from Mostar who kidnapped the girl last night right upon leaving the police station where he was questioned for robbery, according to faktor.ba.

Steko cut the vehicle with twenty-one-year-old A.F., allegedly, the girl he was in a relationship with.

After approaching her, Steko hit her in the head a few times, and he pushed her into the car and drove away to the direction of Blagaja.

Her friend M.L. who was at the scene reported everything to the police.

Aldin Steko was arrested at the end of the previous week but he was released, although he was suspected of numerous thefts, crimes, shootings. 


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