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Sexy Kristina is going around the world, and she contacted us from the Caribbean: She steers a yacht, every day is like a dream and she has no intention of stopping (PHOTO)

- Due to the nature of this job I can freely say that I will never need a plumber, electrician, or a mechanic

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The sexy blonde behind the helm of a yacht, traveling around the world, is not something common. It is often the case that she is a guest or a photo model on a boat, but there are always exceptions.

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Kristina Bogosavljevic (31) is one of those who decided to break the prejudice about blonde girls. She has been on the sea from last year, she has crossed the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and is currently in the Caribbean, with the captain and with guests on an 18-meter long yacht. They went on a trip around the world and they don't know how long will that last... 

Born in Petrovac, she got a license to be a skipper and she worked in tourism for years until she took over the helm and she met some people that offered her to travel around the world as a part of the crew. The offer you don't refuse and that you get only once in a lifetime.


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And everything started on Santorini, or before, in Belgrade, where she studied tourism and she got a job in the first agency she could.

- During the work in tourist agency, I wished to go to Santorini and to find a job there. One day I did just that, I packed my bags and I left. I was searching for a job for a few months and under the certain circumstances that led me to right people, I found a job at a catamaran, for the company that does day trips. That was seven years ago. After several years of working on Santorini, I passed the exam for skipper - Kristina reveals.

- Knowledge and readiness are very important. I have to know how to steer a ship and various other machines and to know the ship navigation. Due to the nature of this job I can freely say that I will never need a plumber, electrician, or a mechanic.

She has been a "deckhand" in the last few years, in charge of the exterior of the private catamaran. Her job is maintenance, service, washing, tying up the ropes and helping the captain with navigation, but also the steering of the ship, especially on long trips where she switches with the captain every four hours.

- The owners of the ship and their friends are traveling with us on an already planned route, not detailed, but we mostly know what destinations we will visit. We just crossed the Atlantic ocean and we arrived at the Caribbeans where we will spend the rest of the month. We are currently on the island St Lucia. The owners like this very much so I believe that it will last for a long time - the Serbian skipper said and she doesn't hide that every place is magical in its own way.

She managed to say one favorite place when we insisted that she visited during her route and it is Cape Verde.

- The place reminds of Cuba, Brasil, Vietnam, and Africa. What more can I say... Incredible natural beauty on the island Santo Antao. Something that was carved into memory. Also, Canary Islands are beautiful (they are all different), Carribean (paradise, literally...)

Days are as long as the year, but mostly beautiful years 

- The feeling of the open sea is incredible. You really feel small. You can gaze over the sea for hours. It is calming. The days sometimes last as long as the year. Of course, the opposite happens as well. It's not always easy. We had huge waves and strong wind. In those moments knowledge and readiness are very important - Kristina said.

With an unforgettable experience, she lacks comfort and complete tranquility.

- As a bad side, I would mention a limited space and never sleep in deep sleep. Captain and I have one ear listening at all times. Others are sleeping peacefully, and sleeping on the water can be very suiting.

It is understandable that she misses her family the most, but they understand her and they support her and that's why it's easier for her.

- I miss family and friends make this complete. But, considering the situation, it is most important to them that I am happy, of course. They are aware that this is something I love very much and they support me in it. Also, thanks to the possibilities of communication today, we are in touch every day.

As she said, the next islands on the route are Martinik, Guadalupe and the other islands of the Caribbean sea all the way to Florida. Mexico, Panama pay and Pacific are on their route, Australia, New Zeland, although that part of the trip wasn't carefully planned. She is not worrying, "there is still time".

We can conclude that Kristina is living every moment and she lives it "now" without planning the future, at least not a distant one.

- I don't want to plan far. My wishes change. I won't stop traveling, that is for sure. That makes me feel life - she is happy and she is working on fulfilinf another desire.

- I want to buy a VW van and to make a camper with my friends and to travel. I will make this desire come true. I am already working on it.

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