Radovan went out to the orchard. When he saw only one branch of his apricot, he fell into despair! (PHOTO)

This hard-working man is not the only one worried, all of his neighbors have the same problem

Apricot blossomed due to unusually high temperatures in the plantation of Radovan Danilovic from the village of Prijevor, near Cacak, and it got all other farmers worried.

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- I have few plantations of apricots on around four hectares and I noticed a dozen of flowers these days. That certainly worries me because this fruit can't blossom twice, and these flowers will be killed by the first frost - Danilovic said for the Voice of Western Serbia.

Foto: Tanjug/Glas Zapadne Srbije

He said that he luckily noticed that there is a high level of moisture only in a part of the plantation, due to underground waters.

In Cacak institute for Agriculture, they say that fruits should be in winter sleep in this period.

Foto: Tanjug/Glas Zapadne Srbije

They warn that if high temperatures continue, that could lead to a sudden stop of winter rest, first of all, in apricot. This period is very unstable for them and short.

Foto: Tanjug/Glas Zapadne Srbije

- Due to early entry into the period of vegetation, subsequent frosts can lead to damage to apricot, Nebojsa Milosevic said from the Institute for Voice of Western Serbia.

According to him, people who grow fruit are simply helpless in these kinds of situations.


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