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CRAZY MATCH IN DENVER: Jokic destroyed Oklahoma with triple-double, a quarrel with Westbrook broke out after the three points for the victory! (VIDEO)

Celebration brought a smaller incident

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Basketball players of Denver won against Oklahoma with 127:124 and there were tensions after the match when a fan provoked Westbrook.

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It is unclear how the guards didn't see a fan who entered the court and who provoked the leader of Thunders, who looked at him in disbelief, watching for the monitors and the security personnel.

Denver dominated from the start, they had +20, they held it until the end of the game when Oklahoma turned the score to their advantage to 117:116. Nuggets mustered the strength to return the lead and to reach the final triumph.




The three-pointer of Harris with Nikola Jokic assist was crucial, they brought complete madness in the hall, which escalated a bit over the top.

One of the fans crossed the line and used the general hysteria to get to Westbrook, and Reggie Miller made a joke that he was lucky because Russell didn't knock him out.

Jokic dominated with triple-double, he scored 29 points with 13 rebounds and 14 assists, and the last one was especially precious.

Westbrook had 21 assists and 20 points. George scored 43 points.

Jokic was great with 11/18 out of play, he added two more blocks and a stolen ball, and he lost the ball twice against the team like this. This is also his second triple-double in the last four games.

He has an average 19.6 points per match in the last 5 matches, 10.8 rebounds, and 9.6 assists. And now the greatest exam, Golden State on Saturday!


Detroit - Memphis 104: 102

Washington - Toronto 122: 119

Minnesota - Milwaukee 108: 89

San Antonio - Houston 91: 102

Denver - Oklahoma 127: 124

Bonus Video: Watch the terrific three points of Nemanja Bjelica against Milwaukee: 


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