American television is persuading the Clippers coach with Telegraf's video to let Bobi shoot for three points! (VIDEO)

ESPN showed a video from the Eurobasket 2017 which was recorded by our portal on Serbia's training

A new center of LA Clippers Boban Marjanovic was a guest in a show SportNation on ESPN television where he answered many questions of journalists.  

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The questions kept coming one after another:

The modern centers have to shot three points. Can you score them at the practice?

That was the main question for Bobi who is 222cm tall, and then they showed Telegraf video from the Eurobasket 2017. It can be seen from Istanbul that Bobi is shooting three points 6-6 and he wants to show everyone, but also the Clipper coach Doc RiversDoc Rivers, that Marjanovic has a soft hand for a 222cm tall guy.

I love it, I love it. But that is the question for the coach, not for me - said the Bobinator and added that he can score for three and that shooting three points is not much different from shooting free throws which he performs great.

VIDEO: Watch the entire video where Bobi is shooting 6-6 for three points. 

- The coach can make a decision, but then you have to play and shoot - the host continued.

VIDEO: You must have missed our video when Bobi is assisting Bogdan Bogdanovic for a dunk:

(Telegraf.co.uk / D.S.)

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