Serbs asked for Kosovo flag to be removed, Macedonians removed everything: Conference of Parliamentary Committees was held in Skopje (VIDEO)

The Conference was held in Macedonian Parliament without the markings of the participant countries

The Conference of the Parliamentary Committees for European Issues of the States included by the process of stabilization and association of JIE-KOSAP was held today in the Parliament of Macedonia but without the markings of the participating countries.

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After the indignation and reaction of the Serbian delegation to the flag of the so-called Republic of Kosovo, all the flags were removed from the conference hall.

President of the Macedonian Commission for European Affairs Artan Grubi explained that the Serbian delegation reacted with the Secretariat of the Conference on the flag of Kosovo, and previously, members of the Kosovo parliament expressed dissatisfaction at the discussion because their flag was removed from the conference.

Watch the video:

- The secretariat has removed all the flags, of all the countries participating in the conference, and thus resolved the situation - Grubi said.

His personal opinion that the move was illogical because, as Grubi said, in the spirit of the cohesive demands of all Western Balkan countries for membership in Euro-Atlantic integration, we should respect each other and move along that path together.

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