BELGRADE CHOOSES: The election day and night on the portal TELEGRAF.RS (VIDEO)

Follow the decisive night live from our studio on March 4th and find out who will be the head of Belgrade in the next four years

The fastest growing portal in the region, Telegraf.rs, has prepared a special for the elections in Belgrade. During the election day, from the opening of the polls as early as 7 am, you will be able to read and see the most important news and information from the polling stations, the GIK (City election commission) and the Monitoring Center for Elections and Election Procedures. Follow the decisive night in the evening, live from our studios and election headquarters, and find out who will be at the helm of Belgrade in the next four years. 

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On Sunday, March 4th, read all the news in one place and see exclusive photos and recordings from polling stations - on Telegraf.rs portal.

Be with the reporters and cameras of our portal on a decisive night and monitor the events in the electoral headquarters of the lists that take part in the elections in Belgrade.

In addition to reporter's live coverage, the program will take place from the newest, most modern internet studio in the region.

Our guests will comment on the analysis, assessments, and expectations: Nikola Lazic, Program Director of the Center for Monitoring of Elections, Dragana Krunic, Editor of the Center for Investigating of Corruption, Branko Rosic, "Nedeljnik" writer and journalist, Vladimir Marinkovic, Vice President of the Assembly of Serbia and Ivan Bauer, member of the parliament.

Foto: Promo, www.mc.rs, Printskrin: RTS, SDPS, Wikipedia/Baja Tandaric

Community manager of the Telegraf.rs portal Bojan Soskic will comment on the citizen's reactions on social networks.

The host of the election night will be Marko Ivas.

Be with us on the election day and in the decisive night, with Telegraf.rs. 

Foto: Telegraf


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