We have similar problems, we need to support each other: Dacic urges Comoros to reconsider the decision on Kosovo

The Minister of Foreign Affairs reminded that Yugoslavia and Tito supported the struggle of Comoros for Independence

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic urged the leadership of the Comoros Island today to review their decision to recognize Kosovo's unilaterally declared independence in 2009.

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Dacic, who is staying on Comoros, pointed out that this decision is contrary to the principles for which Comoros is fighting for when their territorial integrity is concerned, and that Serbia and the island nation are bound with friendly relations from the time of former Yugoslavia and President Tito.

- We who have similar problems, we need to support each other. In that sense, we would like to ask the government, the president, the cabinet of ministers to withdraw recognition, because Kosovo is like Catalonia and we are in favor of dialogue, of course, but we are against unilateral acts - Dacic said.

Serbia is a friend of Comoros, Dacic said, adding that he supports the territorial integrity of Comoros.

Foto: Tanjug/AP/Darko Vojinović

He pointed out that our country has similar problems with its territorial integrity, because, as he recalled, there was unilateral separatism, secession, of part of its territory, "which have been supported by some Western countries that have double standards when it comes to your region".

- In that sense, I would like to ask my colleague from Comoros to review the decision on accepting the independence of Kosovo, which was adopted in 2009. And I would like to point out that one of the best players of our largest football club Red Star came from Comoros - Ben - Dacic said.

Yugoslavia and Tito supported the struggle of Comoros for Independence, Dacic recalls, adding that immediately after the independence of these islands, Yugoslavia established diplomatic relations in 1976.

- We also voted for all resolutions in the UN General Assembly regarding the territorial integrity of Comoros, and we will continue to do so, and we want development of overall cooperation in all areas - Dacic said.

He also said that he discussed the signing of a friendship agreement between our two countries, as well as agreements on economic, cultural, educational cooperation, and mutual visa abolition, tourism development, and he expects the visit of his colleague to Serbia, as well as a meeting of two presidents.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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