The Serbian flag followed her from junior to the world gold medal: Ivana reminded the fans of her first medals with the photo (PHOTO)

Jumps for the pride of Serbia

The best Serbian athlete Ivana Spanovic, after the won gold medal at the World Indoor Championship in Birmingham, greeted all the fans with the photo from the start of her career. 

Serbian flag above the American and German, Ivana in tears: She listened to the national anthem in disbelief with gold around her neck! (VIDEO)

Ivana announced as a junior that she will make everybody in Serbia happy for many years to come. And then, just like now, the one thing that is unavoidable, and that is the Serbian flag.

Besides the photos she published on Instagram, Ivana wrote:

- 10 years ago junior champion of the world, from yesterday senior indoor champion and 10 medals from great competitions. 

Foto: Tanjug/AP

The Athletic Federation of Serbia, on the occasion of Ivana's medal, is hosting a welcome on Tuesday at 12 in the athletic hall on Banjica.


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