Foreigners decided: Serbian is the sexiest Slavic language (VIDEO)

They had chills from the mellifluence of our language

There have been stereotypes for decades when it comes to languages and the countries of the world: French are speaking romantic, Spaniards passionate. However, according to the research of the pate "Dating Beyond Borders", Serbian is seriously challenging them, since our language has been declared the sexiest among the Slavic languages.

Serbs and Croats sang and threw a party together, with Kolo and accordion, both flags were waving, and then the song "Djurdjevdan" started (VIDEO)

Slavic languages are mostly spoken in Eastern Europe, in most of the Balkans, the parts of the Central Europea and north part of Asia. Despite the very noticeable similarity, the Serbian language in one test managed to take the victory in one interesting test. 

The foreigners were blindfolded, and people whose native language is one of the Slavic were sitting next to them. Bulgarians, Croats, Serbs, Poles, Checzh, they seduced the people who didn't understand a single work, but they say they had chills from the mellifluence. Especially from Serbian.

Our language received most votes in the video, and it interesting that people commented on the video that they saw Serb girl as confident representative of the people and that Serbs are the most beautiful women.

Watch the video to see how it all looked like and why Serbian is the sexiest language:


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