I shouldn't be here! When you see how sad Novak was at the conference, you will understand that he made a huge mistake (VIDEO)

Djokovic was in despair after the fiasco

Novak Djokovic desperately wanted to return to the big scene as soon as possible and it ended with a fiasco.

The world is delirious over Jokic's move: Even Bogdan couldn't handle his dribble (VIDEO)

He was smoothly defeated by the 109th player in the world, Taro Daniel, in the first match after the two months break and elbow surgery.

It was clear that Novak is going through a crisis at the press conference.

- I would like to congratulate my opponent for the fighting and the incredible spirit he showed on the field. From my perspective, it seemed to me as if I was playing the first match ever. It was really strange. I mean, I completely lost my rhythm. I was struggling with health problems in the past few weeks. I was grateful that I managed to return to the field so quickly after the surgery. However, I didn't feel well - Djokovic said, who admitted that he shouldn't be here because he had a surgery five or six weeks ago.

Foto: Guliver/Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

- I was nervous. I had so many unforced errors. It was one of those days when you had to find the rhythm from the baseline, especially from the backhand side - it was a memorable strike during my career. As you know, there were some unexpected and unusual mistakes. It is all the part of circumstances that are I am in right now. 

The Japanese used the moment, he was modest.

- It is hard to describe this, it was a fighting match, but I still can't believe that I beat that kind of player on a central court in that way. Pretty wild. 


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