Another "narco-priest" arrested with drugs, his defense was silence: Details of the last case that shook Serbian Orthodox church and the general public

- He was convenient as a priest to transport smaller amount of drugs, thinking that the police won't stop and search him - the source said

Priest Stefan Mitrovic (26), the priest of the Church of the Assumption of Christ in Krusevac was arrested two nights ago due to the suspicion that he was dealing drugs.

Incredible arrest scene in Cacak: Priest and a religious education teacher transported 27 kilos of drugs (PHOTO)

Mitrovic was arrested in Vrnjacka Banja, and the police found 52 grams of cannabis and 55 grams of amphetamine.

- It is suspected that narcotics were intended for street sale to users in Vrnjacka Banja. The priest was detained for up to 48 hours and was defending himself with silence - according to our source.

As we found out, the police had an eye on Mitrovic for a long time, who avoided arrest several times. The inspectors working on this case thought about the situation really carefully and they arrested the priest.

- Mitrovic was in a car "Opel Astra" when the arrest occurred which were under Krusevac license plates, and he was in civilian clothes. He was stopped by traffic patrol, for a routine check. The police officers first tested if he was drinking, but they sensed marijuana in the car, they did narcotics test. The priest became nervous and he tried to avoid the testing saying that he is a priest - the source explains and the test showed that the young priest was positive for drugs.

Foto: Tanjug/Dušan Aničić

The source close to the investigation told Alo! that the police officers searched the priest and the car.

- They found packages of cannabis and amphetamine under the driver's seat which were for sale.

As they found out, priest Mitrovic was transporting drugs from Krusevac to Vrnjacka Banja for some time.

- Allegedly, he started hanging out with shady people recently, and he tried narcotics in their company - the source said and adds that it was the reason he started doing this shady business.

- He was convenient as a priest to transport smaller amounts of drugs, thinking that the police will never stop or search him. It is checked if the dealers blackmailed the priest and if they forced him to sell drugs in Vrnjacka Banja - the conclusion.

Foto: MUP

This place has become the center of drugs trafficking.

This is not the first time that the priests are in drugs affair.

Priest Milan Jordovic (41) from Pozega was arrested in February, he is charged that he transported 27 kilos of skank, accompanied by a transvestite and a former religious education teacher Zoran Marinkovic (42). There is an investigation if the two priests are connected.


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