Sasa is walking with a cross on his back from Rijeka to Zagreb: He is carrying it for all the children and all the parents of our "dear leaders of this people"

He decided, as he said, to make a cross and to carry it to Zagreb to "dear leaders of this people"

On the Christian Easter holiday, which is marked by Catholics this weekend, Sasa Pavlic from Rijeka decided to walk from Rijeka to Zagreb, carrying the wooden cross he has made by himself, protesting that the government is buying airplanes for half a million dollars, instead of getting the rare medicines for 10 percent of that amount.  

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- I want this government to reach into the well where they found 500.000.000 dollars they used to buy fighter airplanes to buy the rare medicines for at least 10 percent of that amount - said Sasa Pavlic, who is frustrated with the fact that the state has money for airplanes, and that the fund for rare diseases has 2.600 euros.

He has decided, as he said, to make a cross and to carry it to Zagreb to "dear leaders of this people". 

- I am carrying it for all the children and parents who are listening that there is no money for their treatment and there are 403 million euros for airplanes - Sasa said.

People are greeting him on the way, they offer him food and accommodation, some even give him money.

Sasa's wish and a message is "to have medications for every disease in Croatia for every child", the Croatian media report.

Portal Index.hr reminds that the Government opened an account, after multiple protests of parents, where more money was gathered through donations from parents and companies for the expensive medications,.

More significant donations were given by the Split-Dalmatia county and the city Omis, while the government hasn't donated a single penny.

Sasa twitted about his journey and his opinions along the way.

- If there is no money for children's lives, then we don't need the state - disperse - one of his twits.

Sasa is originally from Delnica, and he lives in Rijeka.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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