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There are five official languages in this place in Serbia: Even the documents are issued in those languages

Half of the total of 11.000 residents in the municipality Plandiste are members of the national minorities

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There are five official languages in Plandiste. Besides Serbian, personal documents on the native language can be issued to Macedonians, Hungarians, Slovaks, and Romanians. Although they have this option since 2012, no member of these national minorities used it so far, because, as they said, they don't need it.

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Half of the total of 11.000 residents in the municipality Plandiste are members of the national minorities. The most numerous are Macedonians, and Hungarians, then Slovaks and Romanians. All the personal documents can be issued in their native language. They said from the local government that no member of the national minority used this possibility.

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- We are prepared, there are birth certificate forms, marriage certificates, and death certificates, but there has been no one who wished to get a certificate in the language of national minorities - Lenuca Bogdanovic said, the head of the General Administration and Human Resources.

Namely, personal documents in a language of national minorities don't mean much, because they already get all the rights in Serbia. International certificates are requested in local governments so the people can get rights abroad.

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Nobody asked for the documents so far, the major of the Municipality Plandiste Jovan Repac confirms.

- We are really proud that we can say that we live in harmony with these many nations in a small municipality and that we are an example to entire Serbia, and I can say Europe - he said.

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The members of the national minorities who live in Plandiste and surrounding villages agree with this.

That is precisely the expression of good will, to show that national minorities are respected and that they can enjoy their rights by receiving documents in their own language, in the language of the national minority, which is a really good thing - Tatjana Djordjevska said, Slovakian.

The members of the national minorities said that the national identity is preserved much better with education on a native language, by nurturing tradition, customs and the culture of the people.

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