I want another Serb next to Bogdan: Doug Christie full with emotions because of Divac, Peja, and Serbia (VIDEO)

The member of the former generation of Sacramento, the one that kept many Serbs up at night, spoke to Telegraf about Bogdan Bogdanovic and his first season in NBA

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The youngest generations surely don't remember Doug Christie, but those who got up in half of the night at the beginning of the 2000s just to watch NBA did that for Sacramento Kings and the team this man used to play for. 

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People in Serbia cheered for Sacramento because of Divac and Stojakovic almost as passionate as they cheered for the national team, but not just for them. It was one of the most charismatic teams and generations of the newer NBA league history, everybody would give everything for their teammate.

"White Chocolate" Jason Williams, then Mike Bibby, Chris Weber, Hedo Turkoglu, Bobby Jackson, Scot Pollard, were part of a machine that was close and one step away from the NBA title, unfortunately, they never got it.

Foto: Bojan Vinulović

Christie was a part of it, one of the best defensive players of the NBA, now an expert consultant for NBC Sports California. At the central place in the club premises, at the very entrance to the press center, there is a framed photo of the cover of Sports Illustrated, featuring Peja, Christie, Williams, Divac, and Webber, with the famous title "The Greatest Show on Court".

Foto: Bojan Vinulović

We still gladly remember the show, the basketball with Lakers, famous greetings Christie used to send to his wife after every basket, but now it is now time to create a show, but the time to create better days and better future.

Christie believes in it, with the maximum conference in Vlade Divac who is the first man of the club, because he is capable of pulling even the unpopular moves for long-term plans.

This is how Bogdan Bogdanovic fell in love with Dule Vujosevic training

Serbian charm returns thanks to Bogdan Bogdanovic, that is why Christie was especially happy when we heard that we are a team from Serbia who wants to hear his comment on the current situation, with a little nostalgia.

- Nothing can compare to that time. I know from the travels with Vlado and Peja that we have Serbian fans all around the world. Like I always say, I love you guys. Thanks for all of your support - Christie said at the start of the talk with Telegraf.rs.

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Did you have a chance of visiting Serbia?

- No. Not yet. But I learned a lot of words. Some of them I can't say on television. (laughter) 

How do you see Bogdan Bogdanovic?

- I love Bogi's game. I think that Bogdan is a great example of the play we want Kings to play. He is playing in a correct way, he is good in all fields, he takes care of his teammates and he loves the basketball. If all Kings players played like that, we would be really good. 

Do you realize how much people loved your generation? My generation loved Mike Bibby, Bobby Jackson...

The only thing I can say is that we could go to any arena in NBA and there was an entire part filled with Serbs who cheered loudly... That was great. That is how I understood how much Serbs love Peja and Vlade. It was incredible. I know. I've never been to Serbia, but I know. 

Could you imagine some more Serbian players in Kings?

I would love that! First of all, they have a high basketball intelligence, they know how to play. That would work. Watching Peja and Vlade working together, that was needed. Watching Bogdan playing with someone... Wow! 

Do you watch European basketball?

- A little. While Bogi played, I watched it more than now, because I wanted to see him. For someone like me, it doesn't take a lot to see if he can play, I just wanted to see. I said right away: "He will be alright". I watched it little, not as if I was studying Bogi.

Many people criticized the Kings' policy under the leadership of Divac. DeMarcus Cousins trade?

- You know what, DeMarcus is an incredible talent, you can't deny that, but sometimes, it just doesn't work. You have to give recognition to Vlade, you have to make tough decisions when you are in that position. He's done a wonderful job. He made some unpopular decisions and he showed that he made them with all of his heart and his mind. I said, he is the best person for that position, he is my Brother, humanitarian, and he understands the pain of Sacramento at the same time. We have unfinished business and out of all of my friends, I would choose him - Christie was direct.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Bojan Vinulovic)

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