500 euros wage, food, accommodation, going to the sea: An employer is offering all of this, but no one is responding to his job offer!

He said that a job of a shepherd is not hard at all, but it is responsible

The average pay of 60.000 dinars (around 507 euros) with accommodation provided, on the slopes of mountains, is a job that rarely attracts anyone when they see that it is a job of a shepherd. Although the house which is offered is sufficient for a married couple, and the pay is higher than the average pay in Medvedja, where this job offer is listed, rarely anyone wants to answer to apply for it.

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The owner of the company which published this offer for a shepherd on a farm confirmed that some employers even pay their shepherds to go to the spa resort or to the sea. He is offering a job for a shepherd who would watch over 150 sheep and take them out for pasture on the Radan mountain, in the municipality Medvedja.

- The unemployment is high but no one wants to work, no matter the conditions. It is strange. I know a man who sends his workers to the spa resorts or to the sea just to keep them. It happened before that they just escaped during the night without a notice - Zoran Sukovic said, who searches for a worker for his farm.

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He said that a job of a shepherd is not hard at all, but it is responsible. 

If we start with the fact that the pay is really good and that I am offering other conditions which are also great, you can say that this job is more responsible and that it is not hard. Sheep are nurtured like men - he said.

- The shepherd rests when sheep rest, and that is in the summer from 12:00 to 15:00h and from 20:00 to 6 AM. The rest of the time he is taking them to the pasture, and he is feeding them with hay in the winter. A single man can work with 150 sheep, and it takes 2 to 3 shepherds for larger flocks. That job also requires cleaning and caring about the cleanliness of the stables - Zoran explains.

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It is a real rarity to find a shepherd in Serbia because of this. 

I personally, and other people who want to keep sheep, have a problem. Finding a worker on a farm. Especially at the south of Serbia. I was lucky enough that my own brother left his job in Batajnica and he came here to work on the farm, but he is 60 years old and he can't do everything that is expected from him - Sukovic said, who is at the crossroads now, because a lot of money he invested in the farm could go to waste, all because he can't find workers.

He has posted his ad on the site "Click to work", but there were no serious candidates.

- Enthusiasts from the city are calling, more than people from the village. Unfortunately, I can't take adventurers - he concludes.

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