He came from Qatar and he saw snow on Zlatibor for the first time: He has a Serbian coat of arms and Cyrilics on his arm, and he plans on partying in Serbia this summer (VIDEO)

He traveled half of the world, but he came back many times only to Serbia

Samiullah Shah Kuazi (36) from Qatar works in a French company, he likes to travel and to meet new cities, culture, and people. He has traveled to 35 countries so far, and Serbia is among them, and the welcome he received here makes him return constantly. 

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Everything started on Ibiza, where he met several Serbs who told him about nature, environment, girls, parties.

Printskrin: TV Čajetina

- The first arrival started by taking him to buy a coat because he had no clothes for the winter. We took him to Zlatibor and Tornik, where he saw snow for the first time - his friend from Uzice Zoran Ristanovic said for TV Cajetina.

Nature, and people before everything else, led him to keep returning to Serbia.

- I return to the same people, I still visit the same places, I eat the same food. Nothing is changing, and when I go to different countries, I wish to go even further. I am surprised by the number of people in Serbia who speak English, especially younger generations in clubs. They are all nice to me, friendly and ready to talk. I met a lot of new people last night, they even bought me a drink, and I even don't know them - Samuillah said.

Printskrin: TV Čajetina

Unlike his homeland, Serbia is full of green and mountains. He especially likes Zlatibor.

I like Zlatibor, it is gorgeous. That is a wonderful natural site, unlike anything I have in my homeland. I was there in winter, in spring, and I like it in all seasons. We went there last year for May 1st and we had a barbeque by the stream. I have never done anything that magical before.

Samiullah remembers each time he came by something special. He ended up in a music video the first time he was here, his story was published in newspapers the second time, the third time he decided to get his first tattoo on Exit - coat of arms of Serbia on his right arm. He will return in August, to visit Guca and to hear Serbian trumpets, and of course, to travel even further, to reach his 50th country in the next 2 years.

(Telegraf.co.uk / TV Cajetina / zoom.rs)

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