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Marko, the youngest champion of Serbia ever: A miracle child won all the gold medals and he became five-time champion, he is winning against masters in a heartbeat (PHOTO)


A 10 year old entered the chess history of Serbia

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Marko Milanovic (10) returned home on Saturday with the special gold medal which he added to his collection of over 250 medals and trophies won on tournaments in chess. He has set a historical score in chess in Serbia with his last victory which made him a five-time champion

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A framed photo in the family apartment where Marko poses with his medals is already outdated. The number of 176 grew in one year.

On the last cadet championship of Serbia in Chess, he has won gold medals in four disciplines: super fast paced, fast paced, regular chess, and solving of chess problems, and he became a four-time champion of the state. A few days later, in this Saturday, he went to the school championship and he brought a new title to his home in Pancevo, a five-time champion of Serbia. 

Foto: Nebojša Milanović

- I love playing chess and meeting people on competitions, I no longer have the stage fright. I started playing when I was five and a half, my father and grandpa taught me, they saw that I was good at it and I started beating them after three months - Marko said.

Premature born baby, his mother Stojanka explains, was a "fighter" from the star, he has grown into a boy who solved math problems for second grade. His mind desired more and more challenges, and that is why a friend from the Regional center for talents recommended Marko to try his luck in Chess.

When you see a ten-year-old boy, you would think that he was in martial arts sports. The desire to win in the match is expressed when he rolls up the sleeves, and when he talks about chess, he is waving his fists through the air, just like his thoughts that fly over the 64 black and white tiles of chess board after his favorite style of the game, sharp openings. His other interests somewhat explain that.

Foto: Nebojša Milanović

- I am also doing karate, and lately, I have been playing less table tennis. I love it, but I put it aside for chess. I went with school to the competition a few days ago. I am good at math in school and when I grow up I will study it - the ten-year-old is certain in his far future.


The little boy from Pancevo appears on large international competitions with his father Nebojsa, and he is winning against his peers on all kinds of tournaments, but also the grownups, masters that don't know what has happened to them.

- When I arrive later to apply they said that they hoped I won't be there, but then they are bored when they see me - Marko said through modest laughter.

The strongest competition could emerge in the house.

- I am teaching my younger brother Pavle, who is getting better and better, he is winning prizes.


Marko is vice-champion of Europe and number 10 in the world, he has placed better and above the champion of Europe at the World championship. He is the youngest champion of Serbia ever, the youngest winner of the first senior category (at the age of 7).

(Telegraf.co.uk / M.Ro.)

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