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The best Croatian graduate taught a lesson to Kolinda about Serbia, and she was speechless (PHOTO)


Well done to Serbia, we have something to envy them - the best Croatian graduate Ilija Srpak said at the award ceremony

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During the award ceremony and recognition in educations, the so-called Oscars of knowledge which are awarded each year in Croatia for the first places in competitions, a scandal broke out when the best Croatian graduate Ilija Srpak praised Serbia in front of everybody and the pride our county has for education. 

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- Well done to our neighbors, I have a lot of friends there, I can say that we have something to envy them - he said at the ceremony which was attended by the Croatian president Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic.

344 students were rewarded for their successes on the state and international competitions and 37 of them received a special award for being the first in multiple disciplines.

As the "best of the best" were Patrik Pavic from Zagreb elementary school "Antun Kovacic" and Ilija Srpak from the First Gymnasium Varazdin, who dedicated his speech to problems of the not so bright Croatian education, as he said.

He marked that the awarded students are the "by-product of education wherebeing average is forced" and he told media that they don't pay enough attention to the progress and success of younger generations. As one example, he said that the news about "football nuns" get up to five minutes and the success of students on Olympiad of knowledge gets around "40 seconds and then nothing".

- How many people in Croatia knows that we participated in Mendeley Chemistry Olympiad, how many know that we will participate in the International Olympiad from biology this year? - he said.

In Croatia, knowledge and edication are, as he said, "the fifth wheel". He added that there were no money for the rewards for the students representing Croatia on International competitions... Unlike Serbia. 

- In Serba, funds were allocated for the medals won on the Olumpiads and they are from 8.000 to 12.000 Kunas (120.000-190.000 dinars / 1.000-1600 euros). It's all or nothing here, if the society has organized the competition had anything to give at all. The fact is that a lot of more attention is given to such things in other countries. That is a shame. Well done to our neighbors, I have a lot of friends there, and I can say that we have things to envi you - he said.

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