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The map of Croatia annoyed Bosnians like never before: The whole world teases them for one little thing


The whole world is now teasing Bosnians

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Bosnians are furious over the memes that are overflowing social networks, but also their profiles and their lives. It is a map of Croatia and the environment and thanks to it, the entire world suddenly things that this country "banned" Bosnia in going out to the sea

Young Croats celebrating victory on the Mundial with the Serbian kolo (VIDEO)


A map that is a fact for Balkans, and a hot topic and a very funny news for the rest of the world, soon became a meme:

Bosnia: I want to swim

Croatia: No 

The meme suddenly appeared everywhere, and it looks like that many couldn't resist and they started posting in on the profiles of their Bosnian friends. Bosnians didn't find it funny at all. 

Would just like to thank all 2847104 people that sent me the same post about Croatia not letting Bosnia swim.


- if one more person sends me the bosnia/croatia meme i’m gonna harakiri myself


- The meme about Bosnia and Croatia occupied my profile and my inbox - Lejla complained.


They were additionally annoyed that they had to explain each of the 2 million people that Bosnia and Herzegovina actually has a coastline by the sea, even if the coast at Neum is the second smallest in the world!






Bosnians returned the strike with Neum! They can swim as much as they want, and with Drina and beautiful lakes, they don't need the sea.

But, the Bosnian plan wasn't successful as they hoped it would be, because the meme got a sequel.

Bosnia: I wanna swim. 

Croatia: No 

Bosnia: Pleaseeeeeeee?

Croatia: Okay you can swim a little bit 


(Telegraf.co.uk / D.D.S)

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