I will defend Republika Srpska even from Davor Dragicevic! He told me that I will cry over the bones of my children: Dodik about the "David" case (VIDEO)

This is unacceptable and unbearable. I am sorry, but you cannot threaten us. I take that as a serious threat and a strike, the president of Republika Srpska said to Telegraf.rs

The public in Republika Srpska and Serbia follow the case of "David Dragicevic" with great attention. The president of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik said for Telegraf.rs that this tragic case has taken a turn to politicization and manipulation of the death of a boy. I will fight against anyone who tries to destroy Republika Srpska, even this Davor who is doing it, by abusing these protests, Dodik said.

David's father stomped the report from the Prosecution: It took you 100 days for what I was saying from the start

Dodik said that condolences to David's family were sent a long time ago and I met with the father and mother of the young man in their home.

- I offered everything they needed. An unnecessary conference of police forces took place at the time, who had to say that they are doing something under the pressure of the public. It is known, regarding the cases like this, we don't know if it is a murder, you can't have immediate answers. There were no witnesses, nothing is known, is it, or is it not... The dilemma still remains - Dodik said to our portal.

The president of Republika Srpska said that the death of a 21-year-old man is a terrible for blow for the local environment, not just for the family.

- I found reasons within me to go visit them at their home. I am prepared to understand every type of their dissatisfaction and to support anything. Are those boys right and the police that came to the conference and what they told, are now the key evidence for everything that has happened. There is still that dilemma, is it or is it not, there is uncertainty about what happened at the bank of that small river, which grew in water level that night. Was he running away from someone and then he fell in, or someone has caught up to him and then pushed him, or he slipped, nobody knows. That is the matter of prosecution, not for me - Dodik said.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

But he stresses that it was his matter to participate those days in their pain, as a man, and as a president.

I went to their home and I offered, if you think that that something wasn't done correctly here, we are prepared to change the people who are in this case for you. Since the mother lives in Austria, as did the late boy, and she has the Austrian papers, we could ask for Austrian police officers to come here. I am prepared to issue an order, no matter what, it is not a really ordinary thing. But, I am prepared to do that - RS president said.

Dodik mentions that he said that in their house and he was prepared to do it. He said that their demand was to place a new structure in the police.

- They were in this room with me and we agreed. I asked the minister, who did it immediately and they placed new people. But the problem remained with the prosecution - Dodik said.

Foto: Facebook/PRAVDA ZA DAVIDA/Davor Dragičević

The president of RS said that various structures with various functions were affected by that strong emotional pain. Not just the family, but the entire environment.

- That is a typical story, the one we could read in the studies about Color revolution, or any other kind of revolution, where an event which seems entirely apolitical, but emotionally charged, becomes political and the lowest representatives of government are attacked, almost as a rule - the police officers, and they reached Milorad Dodik. It is that kind of Genesis, so it is written. Does it work here, is it done like that, I can't say. The father won't confess because he is manipulated and he thinks that something is right about that. They went so far today that they are asking if Republika Srpska should exist or not. I have to find the understanding for fatherly pain for the dead son, but I can't accept that the death is being used in political arguments. The Republika Srpska itself is being questioned. Since that is the question, I have to have an attitude towards it as a politician and the one who is obliged by Constitution to protect Republika Srpska - Dodik is explicit.

He thinks that strong politicization is at work here and that opposition accepted that as their serious assumption for the elections.

- I think that, no matter what, this case should be left to the prosecution and the courts. I encourage the prosecution and the court to do it and I would like the case to be solved if it is possible. Or it is not possible. I am not a prosecutor.  But I also advocate for all kind of politicization of it to be erased and removed. Do you know how many units died here? And that father came to the Parliament and says "you have extinguished my candle for Patron Saint" (to kill a family line), and he has another son. A son from his first marriage. First of all, no one saw him that he ever celebrated Patron saint. There was a manipulation with emotions, where he tried to create that. When he hears this, he will think that I am an accomplice, that is why I am saying "Hey, man, how can you come in front of the parliament and say to the entire public that we extinguished your candle for Patron saint, and you have a son". You have a son, you have a daughter - Dodik is direct.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

According to their words, the pain of David's death is very heavy and no one denies that, but he is against manipulation of it.

- I'm in favor of discovering the truth. I want that, and I'm dissatisfied with the prosecution for working like it did. It had to be faster and much more efficient and they have to take responsibility. That is not my responsibility, nor the responsibility of the government and the parliament, but the prosecution's only - the president of RS said and added:

- The fact that the prosecution is slow has nothing to do with the government in Republika Srpska. A Prosecutor's center in Sarajevo elects that here. The government doesn't elect them, I have nothing to do with that. And I can't say that the center is not good because that way I would interfere in the judiciary system. They are completely separated from us. Here you go and do what you have to do. If you need some new logistics, we will provide it, but this has gone too far into politicization.  

Speaking about the protests regarding David's death, Dodik said that the government in RS are closely following it.

- A significant number of people gathered, who are in conflict with the law, and they saw that someone is attacking the police for some reason and they always find that interesting. When we identified them and when we saw who those people are, you have elements who point out that everything is financed. The arrival is financed. You have this kind of speculations, that a bank account was opened where people could pay money, etc... Sorry, but you are manipulating a death of a boy, which struck us hard. That should be left to the prosecution, and if the prosecution is not capable of doing it, I am prepared to create an appeal for the prosecutor from Austria or from wherever they want, to add him to the team and to find an objective truth - the first man of RS said.

Foto: printskrin/YouTube/PRAVDA ZA DAVIDA

When I said here, I will change the team now, tell me what more is needed. They said that this is fine. Will you leave the Square now, they said that they won't, Dodik stated.

- So, the Square was their primary goal, and not to solve something. He said a month ago, in everyday statements, that if the murderer was found, they won't accept it. I can just say what the prosecution said, to open the investigation about the possible murder, but they didn't confirm that it was a murder, and the father said that I, Milorad Dodik, will cry over the bones of my own children - he said.

He mentions that he understands that the story that it is the pain in a man who lost his son, but this has gone too far, according to him.

- This is unacceptable and unbearable. I am sorry, but you cannot threaten us. I take that as a serious threat and a strike. I always try to find the reason that something is justified, but in the same moment, when you think about that, it points out that I will cry over the bones of my own children, you can't find a single reason for something like that. He could have said that I was an idiot, that I was a bad president, that I am a thief, he could have said anything that they used to say about Milorad Dodik, and that was never proven to be correct. But, I am facing with the fact that he told me and Zeljka Cvijanovic that we will cry over the bones of our children - the president of RS said.

Foto: Milena Đorđević

He also says this is the first time that he is commenting on such a thing.

- Or when he attacked the commander of the East corps, who is an Idol and a myth for people of Krajina. A mythical hero, because he was in a situation where we were completely isolated in 1992 when 12 babies died due to the lack of oxygen, Novica Simic, as a commander of the Corps in Bjeljina, issued an order to advance and to merge with Krajina units and he liberated the path towards Serbia for us. And now, that hero was attacked as well. Not just a hero, but a myth of our freedom. It has gone too far - Dodik said once again and adds that it is a terrible pain to lose a child.

- But I will say this, and they can speak whatever they want. That family, unfortunately, grew up in some conditions which are somewhat unusual. Mother remarried and took the daughter and left the deceased when he was 12-13. In the most important years, the hardest ones to grow up. But does it matter or not, that is not important, but that is a fact. Let's talk about facts. We are talking about the facts that are not controversial. Of course, it seems that the pain can't be justified with anything, but, how much of the parental attention did you miss? 

He says that he is not justifying the death. 

- But, if we are speaking about responsibility, how can I be responsible and they are not. For someone to tell me that I will cry over the bones of my children. I have been escaping vices with my wife my entire life, in order to form them into serious people. My daughter now has four children, my son has one and the other on the way. They are serious people. They are doing their businesses. Why did he tell something like that - Dodik wondered and concluded:

- Someone is prepared to say that Republika Srpska should be abolished. I am against it. I will fight for Republika Srpska. I will fight anyone who wants to abolish Republika Srpska, even this Davor who is doing that, by abusing these protests. I will fight against it. 

Foto: Milena Đorđević

You can watch and read the complete interview with Milorad Dodik on Sunday, July 29, 2018, on our portal.

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