There was haze and suddenly a wall, a dead woman in the next car: A terrible testimonies of eyewitnesses of a serious crash near Jagodina (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Fog most likely caused a grave accident where at least six people lost their lives

At least six people were killed in a chain crash, and about 30 people were injured on the Belgrade-Nis highway, near Mijatovac, between Cuprija and Jagodina.

Unprecedented crash near Jagodina: They are still counting the dead, 27 people injured in a multiple-vehicle collision on a highway (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

The scene is terrifying, several trucks and cars crashed, which were almost completely destroyed, crushed. The witnesses are shocked.

- You could barely see anything, and then I noticed a dead woman in a car next to me, and besides her two children - said one of the eyewitnesses of the horror on the highway to Novosti.

Foto: Telegraf

The reason for this big accident is probably a thick fog, due to which the visibility was reduced to 10 meters. 

- I was driving from Nis, at some normal speed. There was some haze, and when I passed the Morava river - a wall. Nothing can be seen. The fog was that thick. I started breaking immediately, I have started breaking immediately, I reached the truck in front of me, I got out, and the vehicles already started crashing - one of the drivers told RTS.

According to the media, there are foreigners among the injured people, and some people were rescued by firefighters who were stuck in the cars.

Foto: Telegraf

Injured people are being transported to hospitals in Jagodina, Kragujevac, Nis, Cuprija, and Paracin. The traffic is stopped in both directions. 

You can see the video from the accident at the beginning of the text.


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