A terrible explosion in a refinery in Bosanski Brod claimed one life: A worker was found who died, he couldn't be saved

According to the first information, there is no serious air pollution, but the inhabitants of Brod say that a terrible stench could be felt in the city

One worker died in an explosion that happened last night at the refinery in Bosanski Brod, Nezavisne Novine reports. The death of the workers was confirmed by the mayor of the Municipality of Brod Ilija Jovicic. He added that the employee was found later.

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Although there were words about eight injured people last night, it was confirmed this morning that nine people were taken to the emergency room in Bosanski Brod. Six of them were sent to further treatment in Doboj hospital, and they are all out of danger.

There has been a massive explosion last night in the refinery in Slavonski Brod around 21:30, and the explosion shook entire Slavonski Brod.

All available firefighters went to the scene, and the fire in the refinery was localized somewhat around 23:00, which removed the danger of the fire spreading.

The Mayor of Slavonski Brod, Mirko Duspara, called for an emergency session of the Crisis Staff, and the police urged the citizens not to leave their homes and apartments and to close the windows.

There is still no information what caused the explosion, nor what kind of consequences it left to the environment.

- For citizens of Slavonski Brod, there is no danger, we monitor the measuring stations 1 and 2, the harmful gases are within the limits of normal, that is, at the lowest possible limits. In any case, we will monitor this to the end. We'll monitor the state of grass the entire night. I think everything is under control. We offered assistance to Bosanski Brod. Most was prepared to open for the evacuation of the injured - the mayor said.

Duspara has announced that all schools and kindergartens will work normally. According to the first information, there is no serious air pollution, but the inhabitants of Brod say that there was a terrible stench in the city.

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