"Kosovo - Serbia", echoed in Podgorica: This is what a group of Serbian fans headed to the stadium looks like

Fans of our national team sent a nice picture just before the match of our team in the League of Nations

Serbian fans cheered for the team of Mladen Krstajic in Podgorica with all of their hearts, where our national team reached the expected victory over Montenegro (2:0). 

Djokovic returned to Shanghai as a Chinese Emperor: A powerful start of the Serb at Masters!

Serbian football players had the support all the time from the stands on the stadium "Under the Hill" (Pod Gorica), there were songs and cheering for Serbia, Kosovo, and the Montenegrins supported that.

Although there was information that the support for Serbia will be prevented, there were no such attempts, and the video of Serbian fans before the game supported that.

The group mostly consisted of the Montenegro fans, came singing to the stadium. Take a look at the video to see the atmosphere.

VIDEO: Listen to the words of Aleksandar Mitrovic after the match with Montenegro 


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