Migrants broke through the cordon at the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, 200 people blocked the traffic: Conflicts with the police are ongoing and there are injuries (VIDEO)

Migrants on the bridge shout "Open the border"

Migrants who spent the night near the Velika Kaldusa-Maljevac border crossing, waiting for their entry into Croatia from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), broke through the first cordon of members of the Border Police of BiH and they breached to the another one of the BiH border police - Anadolu Agency reported.

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Migrants, including women and children, are quite upset, so they occasionally clash with members of the police.

There are also injured migrants in the groups which broke through the police cordon, reports Avaz.ba. Migrants on the bridge shout "Open the border".

Foto: AP Photo/Amel Emric

More than a hundred migrants spent the night in the vicinity of the Velika Kladusa - Maljevac border crossing, waiting for their transfer from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia. 

About 200 migrants in Velika Kladusa blocked the Maljevac border crossing point, the BiH Border Police announced.

Foto: AP Photo/Amel Emric

- Migrants moved towards the border between BiH and Croatia, they were moving on the road and thus blocked the traffic flow across the border crossing. There were no physical contacts, no incidents - said Sanela Dujkovic, spokeswoman for the Border Police of BiH, for Klix.ba.

Due to the gathering of migrants, the suspension of traffic at the border crossing Velika Kladusa - Maljevac is currently in force, IC BIHAMK announced.


Bosnian police stopped around 300-400 migrants, among which there were children, from entering Croatia, and then the migrants lit a fire and they set up improvised tents.

Migrants blocked the road, and the police said minor conflicts occurred when migrants attempted to reach a border near Velika Kladusa, AP reports.

Foto: AP Photo/Amel Emric

- They tried to break through the police cordons three times, but the police were bringing them back - said spokeswoman of the border police, Saneta Dujkovic, pointing out that there were no major incidents. 

Earlier yesterday, another group of dozens of migrants, including children, were taken off the bus from the second border crossing at the village of Izacic where they camped overnight.

The police there also prevented migrants from reaching the border, while the children shouted "Croatia, Croatia".

Foto: AP Photo/Amel Emric

Migrants want to enter Croatia and to continue west, to other EU members, according to the US agency.

Croatian police say they will not allow illegal entry into the country, and warned of false rumors that the Croatian borders will be opened to allow people to enter the country free of charge.


About 100 migrants were trapped in a train in Bihac, because the police do not allow them to go to the railway station. 

A train carrying about a hundred migrants to Bihac arrived just after midnight from Sarajevo and is still on the Bihac railway station, according to regional television N1.

Foto: AP Photo/Amel Emric

It is reported that a meeting of the operational group for monitoring the migrant crisis is currently underway, which will result in more information on the treatment of migrants.

The BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic and the Government of the Una Sana Canton agreed to move migrants from urban areas of the canton.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug / Nezavisne Novine)

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