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They transported cocaine from Africa to Zagreb in a private plain, and now they were arrested by Croatian police a

Cocaine was hidden in a jet plane owned by a trading company

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Croatian police arrested two foreigners who landed at the Zagreb airport with a private plane in which a kilo of cocaine was discovered.

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The prosecution suspects that "they were connected from the mid-September with multiple people for buying, transport, and smuggling cocaine into Croatia, and the organizer of the criminal association intended to use most of the money to pay for firearms and ammo in the Croatian area". 

The suspects allegedly purchased cocaine in Africa, which they hid in a jetliner owned by a trading company, whose operations lead the first-accused, Hina reports. 

Then they used the plain, which they flew, to transport cocaine from Mali to Zagreb.

Nada Macura said a few words on cocaine: 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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