Milica replaced the urban life of Belgrade with the warmth of her home in Dublje: She didn't plan on it, but she has a great life now (PHOTO)

Young people have nowhere to work here and they are going to the city to get a job. Those who have security at home will not go away and they will not give up the freedom of their own home in order to live in a rented apartment - Milica said

Milica graduated from culinary high schools from Macva four years ago, and this year she graduated from the Hotel Management and she returned to her own school, as a professor. She just turned 22 and now she is passing on her knowledge and experience to a new generation of high school students. 

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Milica returned to the school she went and she returned to her family in Dublje. Her mother Snezana was the happiest because she took her leaving for Belgrade for studies very hard, no matter the fact that she supported her daughter, just like her father Miodrag and brother Milan.

Foto: Mačva press/Privatna arhiva

- I had a wish to study in Belgrade and it was logical for me to go to the Hotel Management faculty. I wasn't thinking about the return, but I did return after all. I have to make a confession, I used to imagine what will I do when I returned home, I wished to come back to the school where I studied. I was home for some time and after my brother's wedding there was an open spot in Macva high school - Milica explains for "Macva press".

She is an exception in the generation of young people who don't have a job. However, it is a bit easier to get a job in her profession, but then there are dilemmas whether a young man can live on their own from the paycheck and to plan the future. It was always hard to do that in Serbia, and that is why many see the parent's home as an oasis upon graduating from college.

So did Milica. She replaced lonely room in Belgrade with the warm home in Dublje. 

Foto: Mačva press/Privatna arhiva

- Everything is nice in Belgrade, there aren't many things in Dublje which will make life more interesting. Everything is nice, but it is nicer at home. You live fast in the city, there are crowds, noise, many different events, manifestations are all around you. In the village, however, no matter how much you miss the city, there are people that I hang out every day, with whom I drink coffee, I talk with the worker in a market. Young people have nowhere to work here and they are going to the city to get a job. Those who have security at home will not go away and they will not give up the freedom of their own home in order to live in a rented apartment - Milica said.

Her story about gastronomy has a somewhat classical beginning. She was preparing something in the kitchen with her mother since she was little. She remembers that she learned how to prepare cookies when she was 10 years old when she was making cakes on her own in the seventh and eighth grade. That is why she went to study for a chef, it was the only road she decided to take.

Foto: Mačva press/Privatna arhiva

Confectionery was the "thing" she discovered within her and she dedicated to it. You could easily find her name on the internet where many medals were registered which she won as a student and a member of the Culinary Association of Serbia on various competitions in the country and abroad.

- I have discovered myself there. I was most successful in preparing cookies and cakes. It calms me, and the freedom in decoration is good for me. I can create cookies from my imagination. All of the cookies I have created in competitions I came up with myself - Milica said for Macva press.

Foto: Mačva press/Privatna arhiva

She has won a bronze medal for her unusual cake with hot pepper and chocolate, and the last year she won the gold medal in Macedonia for her pumpkin cake.

- We usually bake a white pumpkin, and I made a cake. You bake the pumpkin and then put layers of vanilla and pumpkin - she reveals the details of her unusual recipe.

With the support of her colleagues, the professors who used to teach her, Milica is trying to direct younger colleagues, students, to the secrets of gastronomy.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Macva press.rs)

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