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Serbia won't become the member of EU without the recognition of Kosovo, a German MP said: That was the condition to start with negotiations


It was clear from the start for everybody and that is why I am surprised that this is such a problem now - said Peter Bayer

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The member of the Christian Democratic Union in the Bundestag Peter Bayer said that Serbia will not have the full membership in the EU without the recognition of Kosovo and said that it was the condition for starting of negotiations in the first place, reports Deutsche Welle.

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He said for DW that he is amazed by all of the dust that has risen in Serbia over his statement while he visited Serbia because it is nothing new.

- I know that it isn't simple, but that was actually the condition to even start with negotiations. It was clear from the start for everybody and that is why I am surprised that this is such a problem now - said Peter Bayer.

When asked if the compromise is possible if the prime minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic said that Serbia will never recognize independent Kosovo, Bayer said that it is really difficult.


- However, I can understand why Prime Minister Brnic said so. It is still too early to speak concretely about the recognition model and I know that it is all connected with the constitution of Serbia, and it is something that will happen in a few years - he said.

That is why he wanted to let everybody know several days before in Belgrade that the dialogue with Pristina, normalization of relations, and recognition of Kosovo in the end, are a substantial part of negotiations with EU. Bayer thinks that highlighting of the Kosovo Army formation project is not an obstacle for the search for compromise and he said that he understands the fears of Serbia, but no one in Belgrade should fear or feel threatened by it.

The Bundestag representative reiterated that Germany was against the exchange of territories because this could lead to instability in other parts of the region, such as the Republika Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

- I think that we have passed those "drawing the borders on ethnic principle" in the 21 century. And if that does occur, what will happen with the Serbs on the south of Kosovo who weren't included in the action - asked Bayer.

Foto: A. Nalbantjan

He insisted that it was not true that Germany was the only one opposing the possible exchange of territories as the media like to repeat.

- Actually, there are only a few of those who support the idea. Only Hashim Thaci supports this in Kosovo, and we should wonder whether the USA actively support the exchange of territories. I don't think that is the case and I will talk about that subject in Washinton soon, and I already know that the idea wasn't accepted with excitement - Bayer said.

When asked how does he comment on the insinuations that Germany is against the exchange of territories because that lead to settling of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and it would bring Serbia in front of the EU doors, which Germany doesn't want, Bayer said that there are various speculations on the Balkans in media that have no relations with the truth.

(Telegraf.co.uk / DW)

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  • Њиљана

    November 17, 2018 | 08:08

    Thank you very much. Kosovo is Serbia. Resolution 1244. You can have it (EU) for yourself. Bregzit First , then the rest. We do not want 'The Second Yugoslavia', thank you.


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  • Vila

    November 17, 2018 | 14:40

    Why don't you just mind your own business and leave us allone, for God sake? The people dont want to be with you in EU!


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