Two babies killed in Serbia in just 5 days, the monstrous acts continue: We can't forget about burning or drowning of newborns

The punishment for infanticide is determined from six months to five years in prison in Serbia, while this punishment is stricter in the European legislation, it is characterized as a negligent homicide

Two babies have been killed in the last five days in Serbia. One was killed by a mother who threw the baby from the balcony in Leskovac, and a father caused serious bodily injuries to another baby, which caused the baby to die.

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Ivana M. (29) from Leskovac, who threw her three-year-old son from the balcony of a family apartment in Vojvoda Misic street, is charged with committing serious murder, and she could go to prison for 40 years.

There is a suspicion that Ivana was in a bad mental state when she threw her baby from the 10 meters, and the prosecution will decide on prolonging the detention after the hearing.

She delivered the second baby three months ago, and she had a postpartum depression. Due to the mental problems, she got a treatment and she used therapy.

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Only her husband and 5-year-old daughter were in the apartment at that moment.

Just five days later, a young man, S.J. (22) was arrested due to the suspicion that he committed a serious murder. He was taken to the police after his five months old baby died in Zemun hospital.

It was determined at the autopsy that the child had serious ribs fractures and numerous blood pockets on the head and arms. When he was arrested the man admitted to having committed the crime.

In the case of mothers, psychologists generally say that it is postpartum depression and that the woman is not sure whether she wants or not to be a mother, and such cases sometimes end up with murder.

Beba čvrsto spava u vodenjaku, a lekari čekaju da se probudi Foto: Pexels/Wayne Evans

In the last few years, Serbia was shaken by several cases of infanticide.

A baby D.M. was admitted to the Emergency Center in June 2015 with serious bodily injuries, and everybody was shaken with the fact that the injuries were inflicted by the father Kurtesi K. (25).

Unfortunately, the baby couldn't survive and it died in this facility. Mother accused the father that he beat up the baby, and he said that he was only playing with the child by tossing him into the air, and then he dropped and fell to the floor.

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19-year-old M.H. from Subotica was sentenced to a year in house arrest due to the murder of her newborn son. She confessed to the murder in 2014 which she committed a year earlier.

The body of her newborn was found in September 2013 in a trash container.

In 2013, a woman from Krusevac A.J. (35) was suspected of double infanticide. Namely, she kept two of her babies in the in a closet in the house of her father Dobrica, in the village Crkvina, and then she wrapped them into a bag and buried them into shallow holes in the back of the yard. Later on, she was placed in the Special Female Department of the Psychiatric hospital Gornja Topolnica near Nis.

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A year later, D.S. (38), from village Poljska Rzana, was charged that she committed a murder of a newborn. She was hiding the fact that she was pregnant and she immediately drowned the newborn in the toilet.

In May 2012, S.J. (26) stabbed to the death her 42 days old baby in the family apartment in Banat street in Zemun. Allegedly, she first breastfed the son, and then she killed him while the husband slept in the other room.

The same year, in April, M.S. (26) from village Pejkovac near Zitoradja stabbed to death her thirteen months old daughter, and then she tried killing her self. The girl passed away three months later in the prison hospital.

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In October 2010, B.J. (29) in the suburb Kaludjerica, drowned her nine months old daughter in a bathtub, and then she said that the baby drowned during bathing.

These are just some of the cases that shook Serbia.

The punishment for infanticide is determined from six months to five years in prison in Serbia, while this punishment is stricter in the European legislation, it is characterized as a negligent homicide.

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