National kitchens on Kosovo and Metohija urgently need help: People and children will be hungry soon if nothing changes!

There is enough flour for the next four to five days

The situation in the National kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija is very complex and difficult, there is enough flour for the next four to five days, and if the situation doesn't change soon, the National Kitchen will be closed if help doesn't arrive, after 17 years of hard work and effort! In the appeal on Twitter, it is stated that they need flour, oil, salt, beans, and spices the most.

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Svetlana Stevic, director of the Humanitarian Organization of the Eparchy of Raska-Prizren "Mother of the Nine Jugovic", said that is is very difficult to refuse the services of National Kitchen to anyone.

- People are coming every day to ask for help, not just bread, but also some cooked food and many other things - medicines and school supplies for children, shoes, clothes, everything that an ordinary man needs to survive. These taxes present another great burden for our people who remained to live in these holy grounds - said the priestess Svetlana and she added:

- Pressured by this new levy, people are no longer able to feed themselves, especially families with more children, old and helpless members. And then we try to share everything that is left in the National Kitchens. To hug everybody and to offer them a piece of bread - Svetlana said.

There are 6 national kitchens in Kosovo and Metohija under the auspices of Diocese of Raska-Prizren, which are currently feeding 2.300 people and that number is increasing every day.

You can get all the needed information on these numbers: +381(0)3864275 и +386(0)49-776-149.

You can send help to the national cuisines in Kosovo and Metohija by sending a payment to the

bank account 205-243659-06
Komercijalna banka a.d. Beograd
recipient "Eparhija raško-prizrenska"
Purpose of payment "Help for national kitchens"


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