Drama in front of the Emergency center: A family lied down in front of the vehicle, they prevented the transport of the patient with their bodies (VIDEO)

An unreal scene took place this morning in front of the Clinical Center of Serbia, in front of the entry to the Emergency Center when people saw some persons lying down on the ground in front of the parked ambulance car. 

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On one understood what was going on, real drama took place, and then we found out a few crucial information.

Namely, one patient was discharged, despite the opposition of the family. So far we have no information what was the department that he was on.

The discharged patient was supposed to be transferred to Valjevo for further treatment, according to the decision of the doctor, but his family was against that decision, for unknown reasons. 

Foto: Telegraf.rs

They thought that the patient should remain in the Emergency center and they refuse the transport.

They try to express their revolt by preventing the ambulance vehicle from moving by lying down on the road. That is how this unreal video was created.

Telegraf.rs came into possession of the video which clearly shows two members of the family lying down in front of the wheels, preventing the driver to move the car from the parking.

Foto - ilustracija: Telegraf/ A. Nalbantjan


As we found out, the patient was transported to Valjevo. It is a female person, aged 36.

After the family was convinced, the vehicle left and it arrived at Valjevo around 13.00.

The patient was taken to the hospital to the anesthesiology department. 


After several weeks of treatment in the EC for the life-threatening, acute condition, the patient was sent for further treatment to the relevant regional center.

The priorities of the EC are taking care of acute, heavy traumas and the most severe conditions, and the patients are sent to regional health centers for further rehabilitation and care.


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