A nun is defying the snowdrifts, she brought the newlyweds to the wedding with a quad: Guests walked to the monastery on a snow-covered road (PHOTO)

After the unusual trip to the altar, there was a usual party, Sumadija style

Jasmina and Marko, from the hilly village of Stragari near Kragujevac, married on January 10 in the Blagovestenje Rudnico Monastery, and while the entire area is snowed in, they reached the monastery with a quad! They were driven by the nun Ana! 

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Arrival at the wedding like a fairy tale, both of the newlyweds and the guests, who traveled by a narrow road in the middle of the snow paradise, was captured by a friend, Zeljko Stevanovic.

- The roads were completely covered in snow, and we had to make it to the wedding. Nun Ana drove the newlyweds with that motorcycle, which means a lot to the monastery. It has a plow and they use it to clean the snow around the monastery on their own. The locals used to dig the way with shovels - said Zeljko Stevanovic from Stragar.

Foto: Zeljko Stevanovic

Jasmina and Marko Jevdjenijevic didn't plan on a wedding like this, they started going with a car but the snowdrifts on the narrow road became impassable. The nun Ana didn't allow the snow to be in the way of the people who love each other and who want to swear the eternal loyalty to each other in front of god.

There were no obstacles to the guests as well, they walked to the monastery.

After the unusual trip to the altar, there was a usual party, Sumadija style.

Foto: Zeljko Stevanovic

(Telegraf.co.uk / M.R.)

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