Tema: Military Medical Academy

Spanish Miss is being rescued by Serbian doctors, she is fighting an important battle: The best team of surgeons will try to save her leg

Milos' pregnant fiancee Snezana is still in critical condition: She is still in shock room and she doesn't know that her boyfriend is dead

Serbs in the top list in the size of the tumors: We carry up to 30 kilos of cancer in our stomachs (VIDEO)

18 kilograms heavy and half a meter long killer tumor taken out from the stomach of a woman at the Military Medical Academy: Serbian surgeons performed the impossible (PHOTO)

An airplane of Serbian Military crashed near Kovacica: The pilot has died! (PHOTO)

HORROR IN RESPECTABLE BELGRADE SCHOOL: Student of Military high school attacked a friend with a knife, she was urgently transferred to Military Medical Academy!

The passenger brutally beat the public transport ticket controller: He fell down to the ground from the force of the impact and blood started pouring out

Wounded actress saved herself from certain death with incredible move: Surgeon shot her in the head, and Ivana reacted in a second

Ivana wanted to leave the surgeon, but he didn't allow it: The agony lasted for too long, and then the actress nearly avoided death!

An actress was seriously wounded in a terrible shooting in Belgrade! Her partner shot her in the head, she was urgently transported to Military Medical Academy! (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

All the details of terrible torture of a man in Zemun: Milivoje P. (58) was covered in gasoline in abandoned factory, and then set on fire, police are searching for three men

Bravo for the best Serbian doctors: They took a lung through a 3 cm incision!

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