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Famous Serbian singer Saban Saulic died in a terrible car crash: Drunk German hit him with 180 km/h, the car was crushed (PHOTO FROM THE SCENE)

The driving of the reckless German completely destroyed the "Seat" in which the singer was

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A drunk German, who caused a terrible road accident in which the singer Saban Saulic was killed, drove 180 hours an hour, according to German media.

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The reckless man was driving the car without his licenses, and his violent ride completely destroyed the "seat" in which the singer was. Saban's musician and driver Mirsad Keric has just passed away as well. Boban Stojadinovic, who sat in the back seat on that occasion, received minor injuries.

Due to the force of the impact, "Seat" was thrown out from the road and it is facing the opposite direction from the one it was moving. 

Printskrin: Westfalen-blatt.de

The trunk is completely pushed into the last seat of the car, and the windows on the car are completely smashed, which caused the class to be spread all over the road.

The car "Seat Ibiza", where the famous singer Saban Saulic was, started slowing down due to traffic when the other car hit the side where the singer was sitting. 

The emergency services quickly arrived at the scene and they started caring about the injured people, but Saban couldn't be helped, unfortunately. 

VIDEO: The last performance of Saban before the traffic accident 



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