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A Serb got onto the server of the American Ministry of Defence and downloaded exclusive photos of NATO bombing: They were aiming for civilians, bridges, and railroads (PHOTO)

The images date from the beginning of the NATO aggression to June 1999, when American troops entered Kosovo

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Neven Djenadija, a graduate politician from the Republic of Srpska, published on his Facebook profile exclusive photos that he downloaded from the server from the old US Department of Defense website.

The most painful pictures of the bombing: I fought with tears on the exhibit of NATO crimes from 1999, I will never forgive them (PHOTO)

Photographs published include so far unseen photos of the targets in Serbia and Montenegro before and after the bombing, from military facilities such as barracks, ammunition depots, arms factories, state institutions, refineries, bridges, railroads, to pure civilian facilities. The images date from the beginning of the NATO aggression to June 1999, when American troops entered Kosovo.

You can also see exclusive photos of former US President Bill Clinton, General W. Clark, the entry of US troops to Kosovo, and talks with representatives of the Russian army.

This is the post of Neven Djenadija:

"In this album, there are about 440 photos which I downloaded from the "backup" server of the old US Department of Defense website in a few days. It is currently in the process of moving from the old to the new site and I believe that the old one will soon be completely inaccessible. All of the photos were located in one place and they have extremely high resolution.

As for the time period, they begin with the first days of bombing until the entry of the NATO troops into Kosovo and Metohija and the withdrawal of the Serbian army. Photographs are with original descriptions in English as well as the authentic names of some individuals in photographs and photographers themselves. 

I had the opportunity to see some of those photos, but I have seen most of them for the first time, and they show a lot. When I say a lot, I am referring to the enemy side which bombed Serbia. 

I saved this database and I posted them so they don't disappear from American servers, said Djenadija.

VIDEO: Serbian hackers got into the site of Kardi Veseli 



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