Famous Serbian actor Igor Pervic (52) found dead in his apartment

He was born in Belgrade 29 October 1967, and he openly talked in his confessions when he started taking drugs

Serbian actor Igor Pervic passed away this morning - on Tuesday, 23 April - 52 years of age, in his apartment. 

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From the golden boy of domestic cinematography, Igor Pervic soon became someone whose name was sadly connected to serious drugs.

He acted in accomplishments "Black Bombers", "Barking at the Stars", "Cabaret Balkan", "Sivi dom", and famous series "Ranjenik", "Vuk Karadzic", and he appeared in the public at the age of 7.

He was born in Belgrade 29 October 1967, and he openly talked in his confessions when he started taking drugs.

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- One girl, God bless her soul, who is now dead... I was terribly in love with her... I had a motor "Tomos automatic", when I was around 17. You can't imagine how it was back then, to have that motor. I put her on it and she told me: "Come on, drive me to New Belgrade, I have something to finish quickly" - said Igor.

Scena iz filma "Lajanje na zvezde"

- I see that she is not feeling right, and I really didn't know anything about serious drugs. We came to the building and she sent me to the third floor. I was prepared to do anything for her. We met on the third floor and she showed all of her "props", and I was stunned with the things that she was making... She gave me a needle and I was afraid of it like it was the devil. And of course, to charm the girl, young and stupid, I said come on. I turn the head to the other side and she did it. A day has passed and I came back again... I never took it in my nose. In the beginning, it didn't cost much money, but later on - said the late actor on one occasion.

Later on, he met his great love, the poet and writer Jasmina Holbus who helped him through the tough period.

The actor Igor Pervic was the son of ballerina Lidija Pilipenko and the late theater critic Muharem Pervic. 

Prinrskrin: Youtube/RTS

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