Special prosecution for the crimes of KLA prepared the "bombs" for Thaci and the "lord of Kosovo": Witnesses, footages and other evidence are prepared

The prosecutor prepared the indictments

Pristina Express says that the Special Prosecutor's Office, which investigates the crimes of former members of the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army against Serbs, other members of minorities and "disloyal Albanians", already has prepared indictments against the political leaders of Kosovo, which includes Hashim Thaci and Kadri Veseli, who is known as the "Lord of Kosovo".

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Referring to unnamed interlocutors from, as it is stated, one EU member country, the court already secured witnesses, footages and other evidence, but the indictments will be for the crimes committed in after war period.

- The Prosecution has an indictment against Thaci, Veseli, Rexhep Selimi, Daut Haradinaj, Sami Ljushtaku, Azem Sulja, and many others - Express says, adding that they will be the real "bombs".

Although it seemed as if the Special prosecution was silent before the "storm", the paper said that one former member of the KLO, Mendim Daka, received an invitation for the hearing from the special court. He was one of the leaders of the special units of General Staff, known under the nickname "Shari".

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Daka said that the Special court summoned him as a suspect, but he is not going to the Hague without defense, because he doesn't have money for the lawyer.

The main topic at the end of last year were invitations that arrived almost daily from the Special Prosecution.

The Special prosecution is currently working on hearing the lower members of the KLA representatives, adds the newspaper.

Daka gave Express his invitation from the Special court which summoned him as a suspect.

He has to report to the Hague by May 13th at 17:00.

Daka was a soldier in Klecka, and later on, he led the special unit in the General staff, after the orders of Azem Sulja.

Around 100 persons suspected for crimes and witnesses were heard in the Hague Special prosecution which is investigating the crimes committed by the KLA. The indictments won't be filed until the remaining 300 people are questioned.

Express tried to reach Daut Haradinaj, Veseli, and Selimij several times, but they didn't answer the calls.

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