Jeep smashed into a bakery in the center of Novi Sad because of "Punto": Great tragedy was avoided thanks to the driver (VIDEO FROM THE SCENE)

The driver escaped the scene

The incredible traffic accident happened in Futoska street in Novi Sad - the driver of "Punto" suddenly cut the driver of the jeep, who avoided the crash but he drove into a bakery and he created a lot of damage. 

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It all ended well, the driver of the jeep practically saved the driver and passengers of "Punto" which violated the traffic law and cut the road for the driver of the jeep.

But... the driver of "punto", when he saw what he did, just stepped on the gas and escaped the scene. 


Printskrin: Telegraf

While the one who caused this crash is on the run, the driver of the jeep Nenad Canovic asks anyone who recognizes the car to let him know. As he said it is incredible to him that someone can cause such an accident without stopping and helping the ones who are hurt. It is just pure luck that no one was injured now.

If you have any details about this incident, you can contact our reporter in the mail below the text.

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