Terrible posts of a girl (15) who hanged herself: She wore black, she wrote on her cheeks, she left dark messages and was desperate for love

Hajnalka lived for two and a half years with her halfbrother and halfsister in a foster family

- I want love. Not a friend! Someone to be with me all the time. Someone to seriously understand what is up with me. That we can mutually trust each other - one of the last posts on Facebook of the girl Hajnalka P. (15) from Senta, who hanged herself in a barn in her village!

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It is a student of elementary school "Torzo Lajos" from Senta, who committed suicide on Sunday in the street of Vladimir Nazor, in the barn of her foster parents. She was found by her foster parent Z.J. two hours after hanging, and the doctors could only proclaim her dead. Friends from the class and teachers said their last goodbye in the school.

We were all shocked, she was supposed to graduate, and she didn't wait for that. It is a great pain for all of us. The entire school is in tears, especially the grade VIII-c, we are crying and lighting candles.

Her Facebook account shows photos where she is wearing black, and they were accompanied by provocative and dark comments. There are footages and comments which mostly show death. She often took pictures and she wrote on her cheeks "fuck you" and she wrote above one photo "it is hard to imagine that people can be trash when you are nice". She published the last video two days before death, which shows a young man and a girl having a traffic accident. The boyfriend died, and she was tied in a wheelchair. She was going to the graveyard. She wrote, "this is sad".

- I want someone to be with me at all times, so I can hug him, the true love. Something which isn't based on lies and interests. Will I have something like that? will it all be just a dream? - wrote Hajnalka in the last status four days before the suicide, writes Alo.

Hajnalka lived for two and a half years with her halfbrother and halfsister in a foster family.

- They were moved from a problematic environment because parents didn't take care of them. Mother Klaudia is a psychiatric patient. She was attacking people with knives, she cut herself with razors and had medication poisoning. The girl tried to kill herself many times the same way as her mother - said the source.

Only nine days before she posted another video, which shows the sadness of the family and parents losing their child. There are a lot of selfies on her profile which says "F*ck".

- She was quite dark on social networks, with sad statuses and video-clips. It was more than obvious that she asked for help and that she felt bad, she wanted to say something - said her friend from Facebook.

It is still unknown why the girl did this.

VIDEO: Confession of the girl who tried to kill herself 

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