This is Goran Jankovic, suspected of killing his wife and her parents: The entire Novi Sad is searching for him (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Judging by his profile, we can see that the couple had two small sons

Goran Jankovic (36), a tire repairman from Veternik, is suspected for the murder of his wife Mirjana (32) and her parents Branislav and Nada Pajic this morning in Novi Sad. He is currently on the run, and the police are intensively searching for him, Novi Sad is blocked off until the perpetrator is found.

Massacre in Novi Sad: A man killed his wife and her parents

According to the new and unconfirmed information, the motive for this crime in Novi Sad is jealousy. Goran was allegedly convinced that Mirjana has someone else and that she is cheating on him. Unofficially, the wife reported Goran two weeks ago for domestic violence and he received a restraining order.

Goran Jankovic, ubica, Novi Sad

Foto: Facebook/Goran Jankovic

Judging by his Facebook profile, he had two small children, two suns. Jankovic often published pictures of his sons, and everybody congratulated on the lovely family.

The police are checking every vehicle since this morning leaving the city on all exits from Novi Sad.

Gorna Janković, Novi Sad

Foto: Facebook

VIDEO: Massacre in Novi Sad: A man killed his wife and her parents 


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