New drama in Velika Kladusa: New fights of migrants, some of them escaped to the woods (VIDEO)

Police didn't intervene

A new fight between several dozens of migrants broke out last night again near the refugee center "Miral" in Velika Kladusa in the North West of Bosnia and Herzegovina, reported the portal Kliks.

Tensions are high in Velika Kladusa in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Migrants are walking around armed with rods after a mass fight, the police are on standby

The video, published last night by a portal Klix.ba, shows a new fight and chase of migrants not far away from the center "Miral" in the suburb Polje of Velika Kladusa.

According to the unofficial information, the police didn't intervene, and several migrants escaped to the woods after the fight.

Kliks reports that similar accidents are happening more often, and the local authorities have no real answer for it.

More than 100 migrants fought in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in the refugee center "Miral", and the incident continued on the streets of Velika Kladusa.

Six migrants were deported after the fight and the attacks on the police in Velika Kladusa, reported N1 Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three police officers and 10 users of the center were injured in conflicts between migrants located at the refugee center "Miral".

One police vehicle was damaged and 20 foreign citizens were arrested. 

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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