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New bad weather flooded Belgrade this morning: Everything was under water under a minute

The most critical situation was in Borca during the night

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Although there was sunny dawn in Belgrade, a new storm came down crashing over the capital and it flooded the city. 

Curse of the Serbian village: It was demolished by an earthquake in 2010, flooded by Morava river in 2014, and now torrents are destroying houses (PHOTO) (VIDEO)

Yesterday, the most critical situation was in Borca where over 100 liters of water fell per square meter.

An additional problem was the fact that this side of the Danube has no sewage network.

Streets, cars, yards, gardens, basements, houses in Borca, Krnjaca, Ovca, were underwater due to the massive rainfall.

Bus turn site in Center 3 was flooded, the street of Bela Bartok, and Brotherhood and unity near the school Jovan Ristic and kindergarten Jezurko, Streets in Center 2, Popova Bara, Pretok...

Other parts of the city also had problems.

Members of the Emergency Situations Department in Belgrade had 37 interventions and a total of 12 people were saved from flooded facilities.

Tram lines were altered this morning coming from Block 45. Trams are going to Gospodarska Mehana, while the line 7A goes from Block 45 to the center.

VIDEO: The entire city of Belgrade is flooded 



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