He is a bear Milos, he is over 200 kg and he has another 19 friends on this mountain

Milos is the oldest bear ever caught on Tara mountain

He was safely caught, marked, and released back again into the wild on Wednesday, July 26th in the national park Tara.

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Milos is the oldest bear ever caught on Tara mountain - a bear who is over 10 years old, he weighs 201.2 kg, and he got the name Milos.

He was marked with a microchip and a satellite neckless which will be used to monitor is movement in the next three years.

The experts of the Serbian team for monitoring of bears lead by professor Dusko Cirovic are monitoring the movement of 2 bears. They will continue in the coming period and they plan on monitoring another one.

The project of monitoring and protection of brown bear from 2006 is carried out by the Faculty of Biology from Belgrade in cooperation with Tara National Park, Natural History Museum in Belgrade and with the support of competent ministries.

Current activities are being implemented within the regional project "Protected areas for nature and people" implemented by the World Wildlife Fund - WWF funded by SIDA - Swedish Development Agency.

Twenty years of satellite tracking of Tara bears and tracking using photo-traps gave a lot of data to experts at the Faculty of Biology and NP Tara for their further protection and recovery of this population in Serbia.

VIDEO: Our camera captured the feeding of one of 20 bears on Tara 


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