The king of Instagram dominated again: Pahor is going to round two with Sarec and he has twice as many votes

47.20 percent of the citizens of Slovenia who went to the elections voted for Pahor

In the presidential election in Slovenia, according to results based on 90 percent of the votes counted, current President Borut Pahor has won 47.20 percent of the votes, which is why he will go to the second round with Kamnik Mayor, Marjan Sarek, who won 24.91 percent of the votes.

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According to STA, the turnout was 42.02 percent.

After preliminary results which showed that he lacked three percent of votes for the first round win, Pahor said that turn will be needed, reports STA agency.

- We were ready for this outcome from the start. I think I will win, but I will have to work hard until the end - said Pahor in his first statement when he reached the headquarters of his campaign in Ljubljana.

He said that, in the current circumstances when the trust in the politicians is very low, he got "very encouraging result".

According to him, he will focus to show the voters that he is the best man for the president and he expressed hope that the campaign will focus on the future in the second round.

The second round of elections will be held on 12th November.


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