Half a million Montenegrins live outside of the state, more than 40.000 in Serbia

The Administration for Diaspora says: another Montenegro lives outside its borders

Director of the Montenegrin Government's Directorate for Diaspora Predrag Mitrovic said that, according to available but incomplete data, about 500,000 people from Montenegro live outside the country's borders.

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Mitrovic told Podgorica's "Pobjeda" that this corresponds to rough estimates that at least "another Montenegro is living beyond the borders of its home country," RTCG reports.


It is stated that Mitrovic said that emigrants from Montenegro live in various parts of the world, from the neighboring countries, Europe, over to South and North America, all the way to South Africa and Australia.

- Countries with the largest concentration of emigrants originating from Montenegro are USA (New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco), Argentina (Chaco Province), Serbia (Vojvodina) and Turkey (Istanbul, Sefakoy, Bursa, Izmir, Adana). A significant number of our emigrants live in Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and other West European countries - Mitrovic said.

- According to these estimates, about 100,000 of our emigrants live in Turkey, about 40,000 in the US, 30,000 in Argentina, 25-30,000 in Germany, 7,000 in Luxembourg and the same in Albania. According to the available data from the last census, 38,527 Montenegrins live in Serbia, 4,517 in Croatia, 2,667 in Slovenia, 4,655 in Canada, 1,171 in Australia.

- I note that the number of our emigrants in these countries is much higher, especially in neighboring countries, Serbia and Croatia - Mitrovic said.

(Telegraf.co.uk / Tanjug)

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